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Welcome to where nature meets cozy and cozy brings memories to life.  It’s a given that what we put in our bodies affects our health. At BB Soy Creations, we believe that what we put in our homes and other intimate spaces is just as important. Our products have unique one of a kind scents, made from all organic soy wax, cotton wicks and even poured into recycled glass jars just like nature intended. 


BB Soy Creations is an Arizona based, locally owned candle company specializing in handmade all natural eco-friendly soy candles and melts. I started out making a few candles for my house using soy wax because it's safe for the environment and for us to breathe. I just l love how clean it burns, and how it brought out the natural scent from my fragrances. So then I  started making candles for my family and friends and the idea took off. Now I hand pour small batches in my home located in Mesa, AZ .

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