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Why This Business

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

I've been asked why this business? Why this industry?

BB Soy Creations was not an easy name to come up with, but in the beginning, it took several months with several different names for us to finally figure out this was the name. BB was a nickname that I grew up with, it also was my dog's name that passed away a few years ago and it became my initials only a few years ago I finally got to take my dad's last name. Soy was simple that was because I work with soy products. Creations came from a few different things yes, I create candles, but those candles create memories, feelings and of course smells. So, looking back I knew my business had to have a special name and it had to have meaning behind the name; it couldn't just be a name that sounded good. That's where BB Soy Creations came from several different stories with several different times in my life That led me to this place where I could start a business.

From the Beginning

Hello, everyone. I’m Brittany Boney the owner and creator of BB Soy Creations! I develop unique, eco-friendly soy candles and melts. So, a little about me. I really like anything that's waste free, recyclable, green, healthy and relaxing! Being green, eco-friendly and waste free has always been very close to my heart. I started to research products, after having my daughter, I discovered the candles I was lighting were releasing toxins into the air when lit and that was something I did not want to have in my home. I searched for a more positive solution; Soy wax gave me just that!

I knew when I started a business it had to be environmentally friendly! There are endless possibilities with my business, the candles, the wicks, the sizes, the scents, melts and more! I never knew that with the right mixture of wax and scents could bring back so many memories! I first started making candles when my daughter was 3 months old and decided to buy a starter kit for candle making and then I was hooked! What started out as gifts has turned into light memories "once you light the candle it brings back a flood of memories", beautiful home décor, a way to share the gender of your baby, a way to share your thanks on your special day and a wonderful addition to your shop! My company has the perfect healthy solution to treat yourself or give as a thoughtful gift. That's what I've always wanted in a business and that's just what I have.

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